About Aggy

Adventures in our ‘new to us’ caravan, we call Aggy. She’s a 2006 Swift Charisma 550, bought in September 2016 from Derby Caravan Centre (sadly now closed down). We tow Aggy with a 2006 BMW X3, which we find works a treat.cropped-img_20782.jpg

When we bought Aggy, last year we’d never been inside a touring caravan, let alone towed one. The day we picked her up from Derby, we headed straight to a wonderful site called Hook’s House Farm at Robinhood’s Bay (North East Coast of Yorkshire). This site was our first in the caravan and is still our favourite, up until writing this.

About Us


We are Jimmy and Nicola. We are both teachers in our 30’s, live in Rotherham and love an adventure, eating good food, cooking good food, drinking good… well anything and trying to conquer my (Jimmy’s) fear of heights. Before we bought our touring caravan, we used to camp in a tent. We’d go camping at least 3 times a year with Nicola’s son Josh and my nephew Jimi. Josh was 9 and Jimi was 6 when we first started camping and we stayed in some amazing locations; Appletreewick, Whitby, Paignton, Cornwall, the Peak District and so on… But on our last adventure the tent (without Nicola) blew down in the wind, snapping the poles and bursting two holes in the outer sheet. Of course I gaffer-taped it up and carried on with the rest of our holiday. However, this put Nicola off and she grew tired of being without her ‘creature comforts’, you know the ones I mean; hairdryer, cooker, sofa, TV, fridge… So we tried a couple of holidays in a static caravan and a couple of holidays abroad. They’re expensive!

After years of watching funny boxes wobble-by on the motorway and rainy summer holidays spent gazing at a neighbour’s TV through the barely transparent kitchen/living/dining-room window of our tent, we decided to ‘have a look’ at some touring caravans. Now, anyone who has ever ‘had a look’ at ‘some’ touring caravans, with the smallest iota of interest, will tell you that they are now proud owners of a touring caravan. The excitement and buzz are genuinely too much for anyone interested in outdoor adventures. It’s “AN APARTMENT ON WHEELS!” Nicola cried. And so, Aggy was born.

We love all kinds of adventures; quiet, loud, rural, urban, with kids, adults only, walking, cycling, boats, trains, mountains, pubs, restaurants, dining-in, barbecues (on the beach), fires, fishing… you name it!