We are currently planning our first podcast series. It will document our travels through the Outer Hebrides and parts of Scotland in a three week tour, beginning 28th July 2017. We’ll be visiting some beautiful sites, whilst getting to grips with towing Aggy over a thousand miles across the highlands and the Irish Sea (by boat of course). We expect to book most of the sites, although we anticipate having to ‘rough camp’ in one location, due to the lack of booking service.

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Jimmy and Nicola.

Blogs and Reviews

If you just want to get a quick review or insight in to some of the camp sites we’ve visited; go to Site Reviews.

If you fancy reading a more in depth story of our experience; go to the Blog.


You can checkout some videos of us trying to fix things and other stuff on our YouTube channel CLICK HERE


We are currently planning our first podcast. This will be a series of mini programmes that document our travels around Scotland in August. Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page Adventures in Aggy: The Touring Caravan.